Vogue Tex under construction

Vogue Tex under construction

Posted by Mareike Riepert | July 12, 2017

Our Vogue Tex online face-lift is completed – and this new look will continue in our Head Office.

You are taking the same way to work, 1st street take a right turn, follow the street for 1km, at the end of the street right, 800 meters straight, after the fuel station left, 3rd road right and next right again and finally you arrive at work, and this every day. After a while you know your way, it’s a routine and you are not thinking about “how you got to work”.
The same happens when you work in an office for a while; you stop thinking about the way you have to go to meet your colleagues from another team, your feet find the way to the 2nd floor and your thoughts are about work, lunch, grocery shopping, the next phone call or an important mail which needs to be send.
Since a couple of weeks now, this routine changed. Every day is now a new, little adventure; where is my colleague from merchandising sitting now? And the costing department has disappeared, but the customer is waiting for the prices! Finally, we find them and adjust to the new ways in our office.
Step by step the teams are moving into their new places and the other colleagues are excited to see their new office rooms soon.
The US Team has already arrived in their new working area and settled in. They have to take a few more steps now, but enjoy a better view overall. The European Merchandise Team has lately found their new place as well, and are getting to know their new neighbours. Now our Management will get a new face lift for their offices.
Also the Creative Team is impatiently waiting and is sending proposals for the new Showroom. This will be one the most exciting projects of our face-lift. A new Creative Area for our customers and us, a place for get togethers and sharing ideas.
And the sample room is also waiting for its turn. We are sure the next project will follow soon and we will find new ways everyday and won’t get into a boring routine.
C u soon in our fresh, new home!

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