Our Services

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive set of services to our partners, ranging from product development and design to bulk production of apparel. The operational processes are fine tuned constantly to ensure that stringent quality and detail standards are maintained through each step. The specialised nature of each individual service allows our customers to fulfill highly specific and customised requirements.


Being design-focused and creative are central to the culture we encourage at Vogue Tex. At our Creative Centre, we conceptualize fashion collections focused on our customers’ concepts and the brand specifications that they provide. We engage in global trend forecasting and innovate boldly in order to create unique fashion pieces.

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We have allocated experienced, committed and dedicated merchandising teams to work closely with each of our partners. These individual teams experience tremendous professional and personal growth along with the success and advancement of the business they handle. If design input is a requirement, then we pair a designer with the merchandising team to support the account’s development and growth.
Clear, concise and fast communication allows our teams to turnaround customer requests quickly. This also assists us in formulating accurate costing and delivering quality samples, from the proto through to the production stage. The close collaboration between our factories and merchandising teams provides us with much added insight, which we can then share with our partners. This allows us to offer them products of the highest quality at the best possible price.


Manufacturing is the core service that we perform on behalf of our partners located across the world. It comprises a list of well defined individual services and processes which culminate in bulk production. After the product development stage has been carefully addressed, a piece will go into bulk production through one of our seven factories positioned throughout the island. Our value added services, such as printing, embroidery and pleating, ensure that our customers can avail of greater choice to augment the final product. We offer volume with no compromise on detail or quality.


With its geographically strategic position, Sri Lanka has gradually emerged as a central hub connecting the Far East and Europe. All major shipping companies and airlines maintain an active presence here. Import and Export documentation and procedures are highly business-oriented and are streamlined in order to promote trade. This allows Vogue Tex to clear incoming goods within the course of a single day. Comparatively short sea freight lead times to Europe of 17 to 20 days make it an attractive option for international companies. Vogue Tex operates a dedicated logistics department and is, therefore, able to coordinate and handle all functions in relation to logistics, smoothly.


Strategic sourcing is critical in working towards meeting partner price targets. Our sourcing department has through evaluation and experience built a strong supplier base, which helps us to source the best quality fabrics and trims. Our key sourcing bases are China, India and Korea. We evaluate and compare our suppliers based on criteria such as their quality focus, lead time, ability to innovate, consistency in quality and delivery, and value in terms of price.

Pattern Making

Our sample room comprises 20 experienced pattern makers who expertly operate both Gerber and Lectra automated systems. Their role is vital to the overall manufacturing process as they have to prepare the template from which the garment is produced.


Sampling is a vital component of the pre-production stage in the apparel industry. As such, we have 220 dedicated sample room personnel handling 180 sewing machines and 50 additional special machines, tasked with seeing through the respective sampling requirements of each of our partners. The sample room liaises closely with our factories to ensure the smooth handover of all the technical details of a product along with our standard handover documentation.



To meet our printing requirements/needs, we operate a dedicated printing facility close to our Head Office. Established in 2016, Thermotex is a key business unit, which we set up as part of a joint venture with Thermocolor GmbH Germany. The partnership is a strategic investment towards a more verticalised setup of the Vogue Tex Group. This investment in the area of digital printing enables us to serve our customers even better by offering more in the way of creativity and quality. Our printing facility allows us to react to market trends instantly and print bulk orders within the span of a few days. Furthermore, it reinforces our commitment to internalising the support services involved in the apparel manufacturing business.

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Embroidery is a highly specialised technique in the apparel manufacturing industry, which we carry out as per the buyer’s requirements. It involves a decorative stitch that is placed on the fabric with the use of needle and thread or yarn, usually to advertise the brand of the garment or allow for creative design to be incorporated into the garment. We utilise computerised multi-head embroidery machines to ensure that we can embroider complex designs in a shorter period of time to support the production of our orders.


Our pleating team is capable of handling a variety of pleat designs, which involve the oven pleating method. We can provide knife pleating, box pleating and sunray pleating. The necessary expertise coupled with top notch machinery allow us to provide this value added service to our customers around the world.